One of the most annoying problems in an integration environment is when you receive a file that does not check the input scheme applied to the receiving port. This causes the typical unacknowledged message exception and putting the message on hold. From here we need to analyze the problem in the BizTalk Administration Console.
Through this custom...

AS2 Adapter


The AS2 Adapter enables data transfer using the AS2 protocol. AS2 (stands for Applicability Statement 2) is a protocol is used to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet, based on HTTP and S/MIME. The partners are always connected via the tried and tested HTTP(s) protocol. The AS2 process is a clear choice thanks to its effective...

API Management


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BizUnit offers two ways to define tests: via an XML configuration file and via an Excel worksheet. This topic focuses on using an XML configuration file to define tests; however, you should also look at the BizUnit SDK, since it provides an interesting example of how to define BizUnit test cases using Excel. In addition, you may wish to investigate...

with the following simple functions it is possible to execute an XPath query from an external class in order to have more control over the execution of the same query. This way you can replace the xpath (msg, "<query xpath") statement within orchestration.